Helpful Information

Rooms Location

The clinicians consult at Suite 15, 3rd floor, Private Consulting Suites, Melbourne Private Hospital, Royal Parade, Parkville.


The address is serviced by tram route 19 (alight at the tram stop at Melbourne Private Hospital in Royal Parade, Parkville), tram routes 59 and 58 (alight at the corner of Flemington Road & Grattan Street Parkville) and bus routes 401 and 402 (alight at the front entrance of the Royal Melbourne Hospital).


Parking can prove difficult within the locale and ample time should be allowed when attempting to park within the area. Several commercial car parking facilities are within a reasonably close distance of the practice address.


Contact Details

Contact with clinicans and practice personnel is made via the following.


Telephone: 9329 0007 (an answering machine is always at the ready to take your message should staff be unable to take your call).




Website: An online enquiry can be made via the MGV’s website ( ).


Please note, the website address previously utilized by Melbourne Neurology Group has been purchased/retained and which has been kept active for ease of use by patients and referring doctors.


Fax: unavailable/not utilized.


Mail: Hard copy mail should be directed to the individual clinician and/or Medical Group Victoria, Suite 15, 3rd floor, Private Consulting Suites, Melbourne Private Hospital, Royal Parade, Parkville 3052.

Clinic Hours

Practice opening hours are currently 9.00am. – 5.00pm., Monday to Thursday, excepting public holidays. After hours and weekend consultations are not available.

Appointments and general enquiries can be made by telephoning 03 9329 0007 or email via




New patients wishing to appoint with any of the clinicians must forward through a valid referral for review and triaging. Appointments are unable to be made without the availability of a valid referral. A referral is also required for patients to claim via Medicare.


Whilst staff make all reasonable attempts to remind existing patients of the need for renewed referrals, patients are personally responsible for ensuring they have a valid referral at any given time so as to receive a Medicare rebate.




All clinicians within Medical Group Victoria charge private fees and which are payable in full on the day of service. A receipt will be provided by staff for claiming purposes through Medicare.


Bulk billing is not available within any of the clinicians’ practices.


Appointment Reminders


By way of courtesy, practice staff attempt to remind all patients of upcoming appointments, however this courtesy should not necessarily be relied upon and it is an individual patient’s responsibility to record (and attend) any appointments made in their name.


Unless extenuating circumstances prevail, a fail-to-attend fee will be charged should a patient not attend their appointment and without 48 hours prior notification having been provided to the practice.


Requests for NDIS, VicRoads & Superannuation Reports


Patients requiring assistance with, or provision of, NDIS reports, VicRoads reports or superannuation reports are required to notify practice personnel of their individual requirements.  A separate appointment (to that of a usual medical appointment) must be arranged and a fee apportioned accordingly. This affords both the clinician and patient ample time to review report requirements and to finalise in a timely manner.  




All personnel within Medical Group Victoria (clinicians and administrative personnel) strive to ensure patients are satisfied and happy with the level of service and information provided. Despite best efforts, on occasions, this may not be achieved. Any valid complaints about the practice experience should be made in writing (by mail or email) to the practice and addressed to “The Manager” and marked “private & confidential”. Relevant details of the nature of the complaint, such as timelines and the clinician being consulted with, should be included.

Complaints relating to administrative services within the practice will be dealt with by the manager and a timely response provided (by mail or email) to the sender.


Complaints relating to medical management within the practice will be confidentially reviewed by the manager and directed to the clinician in question. A timely response will be provided (by mail or email) to the sender.


Should the person making the complaint feel dissatisfied with in-house complaints management, contact can be made with the following entities and assistance sought.


Health Complaints Commissioner
Tel: 1300 582 113


AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency)
Tel: 1300 419 495