Privacy Policy


The Australian Privacy Principles protect the rights of patients with regard to the use of information provided to clinicians and also provide patients with the right to review their own records and correct any issues they believe to be incorrect. Medical Group Victoria's clinicians and staff are compliant with privacy rules and ensure that any information patients divulge is kept in strictest confidence.

All patient information sent to/raised within/retained by Medical Group Victoria’s clinicians is kept in an electronic file (database) that is securely stored and backed-up electronically on a daily basis. Only clinicians and administrative staff within Medical Group Victoria have access to the files.


By attending a consultation with a clinician you are consenting to the collection of your health information. This is required for the clinician to provide quality health care. They will record information in patients’ electronic files. Should a patient opt not to divulge relevant information, the information cannot be considered in the management of medical problems by the clinicians.

Within each patient’s data file, all personal information is kept up to date (if provided to staff/clinicians), and all results and correspondence housed electronically. Information will be forwarded, in the course of normal medical management, to the referring doctor specified by a patient (and any other health care professional nominated by a patient). Information may also be disclosed to other health professionals if further tests are required (the need for such tests will be discussed between the clinician/patient to ensure consent is obtained). Any information a patient does not wish divulged, should be clearly identified between a patient/clinician within the consultation setting.

Requests made by third parties (e.g. hospital personnel, medical entities, radiology or pathology providers) for the release of health information will be actioned only after appropriate levels of permission is obtained from individual patients (and unless emergency circumstances prevail, in writing only).

If directed to do so for legal purposes (and only in line with the relevant legislation), information may be divulged to a Court or its officers. MGV’s clinicians/staff will contact individual patients in this regard, if permissible, to advise of contact made.

The Australian Privacy Principles provide patients with the right of access to the information accumulated by the doctor’s practice. Patients wishing to avail themselves of information should make their initial request in writing ( and the request will be passed on to the individual clinician concerned. A charge may be rendered to cover the costs of retrieving and copying information (if extensive), and for the doctor’s professional time if there is any requirement for the preparation of specific reports.

Each clinician strives to provide the best standard of care to patients, and that confidentiality be maintained at all times in keeping with the Australian Privacy Principles and in line with the appropriate legislation. The personal information of patients is treated with respect and great care at all times.

Please contact Medical Group Victoria’s administrative personnel (telephone: 9329 0007 or email: should you have concerns about health records management and privacy within the practice and the enquiry will be passed on to the relevant clinician and their input sought.